Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day: 23 One more day!

Today is day 23 for the 23 day challenge and day 2 of the Ab Challenge! I am super excited and super sore from yesterday's workout. Must keep moving! 

Here is a look into what I ate yesterday...

more after the jump...

This is Lunch: Greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and roasted chicken. With a side of smoked brisket! 

Dinner: Grilled steak w/onions. Sweet potatoes, Salad with all the goodness.
***This meal was cheaper than going out.***

Here is today's ab workout.
3 rounds for time.
10 Burpee's
15 Diamond Sit-Ups
50 Mountain Climbers (25 each leg)

Feel free to do this with us. If you do, post your time in the comment section! Have fun!

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