Monday, July 9, 2012

Day: 15 Eat that FAT

It has been a while since I blogged about my progress with this fitness journey. I have been on vacation, which really turn into a "workcation." I did have some time to relax and have some fun. Here's a peek...
We spent the whole day with these two, we had a blast and got way to much sun. I had a goal not to throw Melissa off and I almost didn't meet that goal! HA!
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It seems like there is so much going on in life right now, a lot of crap is happening and I so how seem to keep my head up no matter what happens. Even with all the bad going on, I'm still doing amazing with my food choices and still working out like a Beast. On our vacation I worked out at BCCF with most of the workouts using the Hyperwear weighted vest (11 lbs.) 

I've started working with this great company in Austin called Hyperwear, they are donating a vest to me for the rest of my 24 Day Challenge. They also let me take some vest to BCCF for the members there to use during the WOD's. We had some great workouts with them. Here are a few pictures of the members of BCCF wearing the Vest.

Here is my young aunt wearing a Hyperwear vest for the first time.

Here I am rocking out some Hyperwear gear working it like a Beast! 
**Just you wait till I get my whole CrossFit workout outfit together. It's going to be EPIC**

Now on to the meat of this are the new measurements and weight I did this morning. I am a few days over the half way mark because I was on vacation and I needed to have Coach Robyn do them to keep the process consistent. 

Day 1 Measurements                          Day 15 Measurements 
Height: 6'-2"                                         Height: 6'-2"
Weight: 243.6                                       Weight: 239.0
Chest: 43.25"                                       Chest: 42.5"
Bust: 42"                                               Bust: 40.5
Waist: 37.5"                                          Waist: 36.25"
Hips: 42.75"                                          Hips: 41.75"
Thighs: L: 24.5"   R: 24.75"                 Thighs: L: 23 5/8"    R: 23 7/8"
Arms: L 12.75"     R: 13"                      Arms: L: 12 7/8"       R: 12 7/8"
Body Fat: 24.5%                                  Body Fat: 23.1%
BMI: 31.3                                               BMI: 30.7

Pretty sweet numbers. I only dropped around 4 lbs, but lost inches in my chest, waist, hips...heck every where. The best part is I fell amazing! It feel like I took my body to the dealership and traded it in for a new body with a new engine! I have eight days left in the challenge, but the really goal is to keep it up and see where I am at when I am 80. So here we go! Team Beard

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Small sacrifice to live a better life! 

PS: Here is some CrossFit Porn for you! Enjoy


  1. Lookin' good brotha. :) I stopped looking at pounds and started looking at inches because when you're gaining muscle pounds can be quite deceptive. I started working out a couple weeks ago (inspired in part by you and in part by WEDDING DRESS) and it's pretty amazing what can happen in two weeks, eh?

  2. That is great Jennifer!!! I am glad I could help inspire you to get out and do work! Keep it up!