Monday, August 27, 2012

New Challenge - FREE Photo Shoot!

When I decided to change my health, I would have never thought that I would be where I am at right now! I feel amazing and I can do so much more than I could three months ago. With a determined mind and a great Coach, I have completely changed my life. A few weeks into my life change I decided to do the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I have to say from the start I was thinking..."Really? is this going to do anything for me!?" Well, after the first 3 days I saw a change in my energy, body and my mind! I woke up with energy and mental clarity that lasted all day, my cravings for sugar and processed foods diminished and I felt great about feeding my body the nutrients that it really needed. After the challenge, I felt like a brand new man! BEAST to the max for sure. This 24 Day Challenge set me on the right track physically and mentally to the weight and fitness goals that I have for myself! With a total of 10lbs of pure FAT loss and a total of 40lbs lost over two months, I would take the challenge again any day. I didn't get there on my own, having the right coach and a good support system along with the great products made it a huge success. So.. I wanted to spread the "Health Wealth" to anyone who wants to kickstart their body and change there health! I am inviting you to join me on this health journey and I am giving away a FREE Photo Shoot (Local to me) to the winner and gift cards to second and third place! Who's with me!?

This is my progress when I did the Challenge. 

Here's the breakdown:
Total weight loss - 10 lbs. of fat
BMI - 30 (from 31.3 - 30)
Waist measurement - 1.25 inches lost (from 37 1/2" to 36 1/2")
Thigh measurement - 1 1/2" inches lost from on each leg

Information Rules and Such!

To be in the Contest!
1. You buy the 24 Day Challenge (click here)
2. Must take before and after photos.
3. Must take measurements.

What you get!
1. Everything you need for success durning the Challenge!
2. Daily contact with me my Coach and a Licensen Nutritionist!
3. Future Support after you complete the Challenge, to help you reach your Fitness Goals!

1. First Place Winner! : FREE Photo Shoot by Me valued at $450.00! (my work) or a $100 gift card if you are not local.
2. Second Place Winner! : $50 Gift Card! (Local or Not Local)
3. Third Place Winner! : $25 Gift Card! (Local or Not Local)
*local is Austin, Tx and Surrounding areas.
*Photo Shoot is for one person, the winner of the challenge. 
*Gift Cards will be Visa Gift Cards!

*Winner is determined by total % of inches lost.
* Remember this isn't about weight loss but being healthy and feeling great! But you will lose weight!
*Ask about extras to add to your Challenge to help you more. This is something I did to help me get stronger and lose more.

So, lets get this started. Feel free to invite your friends and you can have a partner do do it with you! Team Work makes the Dream Work! The contest starts Sept. 8th 2012! (Sign Up Here) and buy your 24 Day Challenge!

Let's do this!