Friday, September 7, 2012

24 Days an beyond!

I am excited - my Mom and Dad are starting their 24 Day Challenges on Monday! A few other friends, and my girlfriend have decided to do the challenge as well. I am so glad that my experience has inspired them to kick start their journey to being healthy! It's hard to think that I spent 12 years thinking that the way I felt and looked at that time was "just how it is." Several months ago I found out within five days, that it's not true! I realized that I can look and more importantly FEEL amazing. I started my journey with the 24 Day Challenge coupled with clean nutrition and CrossFit and I have completely changed my life and my perspective on life. I now feel healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. 

I know some of you  might say..."This guy has chugged the whole gallon of kool-aid!" Well, if you consider Spark as kool-aid...then yes I have! And I'm extremely grateful for that!  

I am stronger than I was three months ago. I can run longer. I can focus longer on one given task. I have a clearer thought process. And I'm truly happier because I'm healthier. Happy hasn't been in my vocabulary for years. This change has opened my life up in so many ways. I went from barley having a business to taking on 4 different businesses. That is huge for me! Being able to focus on one thought was hard enough but to be able to handle so much in one day would be such a difficult challenge if I wasn't healthy. So, you can see how changing just a few small things can change everything and make your life better! I would challenge anyone to make some changes and see what happens. Blog, write, video your experience! Get out and do something! 

Please, feel free to ask me any questions on what/where/when and how I did this. I want to help other people feel the way I do now. 

"I do not want to be on my death bed and say "I should have!" Therefore I CrossFit!"
-Joshua Curtis

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